Who's Behind It

The Wydner Team

Samir Elias Zehil
Founder and CEO

Samir Elias Zehil is the founder of Wydner Coaches & Associates. 


1. Samir is specialized in Strategic Sales & Marketing from Harvard University  

2. He also holds a degree in Chartered Accountancy (nothing to do with what he is doing now)

3. Holder of an MBA from the University of Lyon 3 - Jean Moulin – France

4. Samir earned a PHD in life management from Hard Knocks University


He worked for 7 years in pure Sales at Abou Adal Est. (HOLDAL), FMCG, selling products from the tiniest convenience store to the biggest wholesaler. He then switched to selling services through working in the Lebanese Parliament for two years promoting websites to Lebanese MPs (IDREL). Upon his return from Harvard, Samir quickly began delivering sales, negotiations, and personal growth programs to all kinds and sizes of companies.


He has addressed so far more than 194 000 people, 2287 firms, and delivers 277 talks every year.

In 1999, Samir introduced Coaching to Lebanon and its neighboring countries.

He coaches upper-managers, CEOs, politicians and employees of big companies in Lebanon and the Gulf area every single day.


Samir Zehil is an upbeat, dynamic and entertaining speaker with the ability to coach and inspire audiences, which enable him to realize more achievements in terms of sales and personal growth. Finally, Samir lives in the beautiful capital Beirut, he is married to a wonderful supportive woman, and has three adorable kids.


Michele Sahakian
Wydner Pillar

Michele Sahakian is a triple certified coach and an MBA holder from Paris Dauphine. Michele is a high authority in one-on-one coaching and an accomplished speaker on personal growth topics as well.

She is among the top 3% in her industry, and dealt with and radically turned-around hundreds of cases with countless people. Over the years, she became a pillar at Wydner Coaches.

Michele lives in the vibrant Beirut with a great spouse and 2 wonderful daughters.

Joumana Aoun
Strategic Ally

Over quarter of a century of experience in Human Resources, advanced marketing, sales strategies, maximizing distribution channels, building client retention tactics, in addition to countless years of extensive experience in coaching, training, personal growth, mentoring and consultancy.

Joumana is a sought-after Lebanese strategist.

She is a Certified Executive, Life coach, and motivational speaker.

Joumana Aoun is as well a pre-qualified advisor for EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) Lebanon; a Personal Development Coach at “Université Pour Tous” - USJ Beirut; a Business advisor on various USAID/LED to help Lebanese SME’s and large firms to increase their sales, locally in 39 other countries.



Tilly Moubarak
Office Manager (showrunner)

Tilly Moubarak is the unknown soldier at Wydner Coaches, as she is behind almost every development and progress in the company, always working behind the scenes.


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